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Thy food is thy medicine.



Land, City: Simbabwe, Mutare

Region: Manicaland

Since: 2006

Goals: „My choice is to work at home – developing something sustainable, something that will contribute light, improve the standard of living, in these very communities that raised me.“ (Julious Piti)

Offers: Permaculture workshops & -trainings.


Julious Piti
Julious Piti is introducing the tree nursery of PORET.

What we do:

PORET stands for Participatory Organic Research Extension and Training.

The project is dedicated to improving the position of local farmers, access to and use of resources, means of production and participation in decision making process.

The main focus lies in creating practical examples to learn from. This includes the maintenance and expansion of the Chaseyama Project Base as a Permaculture Training Centre, and supporting other farmers in adopting the techniques on their own land – and in turn becoming demonstration and training site in their own.

We want to develop an education centre as a learning meeting point for the farmers and their families with all the facilities which are needed to run courses, buildings for teaching and accommodation to have a kindergarten, a library, possibilities to show films, health instructions and possibilities for younger people to learn about permaculture and to do HIV prevention.


The new kindergarten with study sessions for children during the week and some for adults at the weekend.