Panya english

We have to be the change, we wish to see in the world.


Land, City: Thailand, Mae Taeng

Region: Chiang MaiSince: 2006

Goals: We want to pass on the knowledge of sustainable life, under aspects of permaculture, and to gain new knowledge.

Offers: Internships, courses for sustainable building, workshops, permaculture courses.


The vegetable garden is located right next to the salat and the kitchen. Small distances facilitate irrigation and harvesting.

What we do

As a community we are dedicated to living a sustainable life in tune with each other and the natural world. We are very passionate about sharing our knowledge, ideas and inspiration. We are also eager to learn from you.

We experiment with and model an integrally sustainable way of living in the wet/dry tropics.
This project aims for sustainability not only in the physical environment, but also in the social environment, our physical bodies and the spiritual, emotional and intellectual realms.

On the four hectare big site is the educational center where frequentliy permaculture courses and workshops on sustainable building are held.
Adjacent to the project is another sustainable living projects, including Pun Pun Educational Centre, a seed saving center and education centre for SE Asian activists as well as international sustainable living enthusiasts.


The community centre Sala of the Panya Projects