Molinos Verdes de Moringa english

It’s about planting a little seed, be part of the change


Country, City: Costa Rica, San Jose

Region: San Jose

Since: 2010

Goals: We want to create a sustainable world based on the principle of permacultur : people care, earth care and fair share.

Offers: Lectures and workshops, Consulting, Permaculture design systems


Urban Gardening Techniken
Urban Gardening techniques


What we do:

We are an initiative that offers simple and versatile solutions in order to work with nature in a lot of areas, adapting to different situations and with many benefits. We also offer educational resources, advice and create collaborative networks.

Our fields of work are: urban gardening, natural building, clean energy, water management, responsible consumption.

Our focus is to learn, apply and share practical solutions for sustainable development by using  permaculture. Our approach of permaculture is to promote a holistic way of living with nature. We work everyday to integrate the principles of caring for the planet, caring for people and share the surplus.

Some of the ways in which we incorporated these ideas are: edible gardens design, selection of healthy and environmentally friendly food, modular and efficient solutions for everyday, reuse of materials and smart shopping. We therefore teach, encourage and facilitate lifestyles that improve the quality of life of all inhabitants of Costa Rica, but also to help to connect groups and individual worldwide.
Indeed, we share the ethics of Permaculture so that people will be motivated to share with others and to share a new perspective with the general public. More informed and aware people, we demand more healthy and suitable for the environment and people products and services.


Pflanzen an horizontalen Aufbauten
Work for horizontal gardening.