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The revolution starts in your garden!

Land, City: Mexico, Mexico City

Region: Mexico City D.F.

Since: 2009

Goals: To teach the people about urban agriculture and permaculture and the potentials of urban farming.

Offers: Workshops, seminars, volunteer.

vegetable harvest with workshop participants and local people in Juan/Mexico City


What we do

We are a collective of ten people from different disciplines and with the principles of permaculture we‘re running urban agriculture on the rooftops of the inner city.
We finance ourselfes through workshops that we give, plants, seedlings and selfmade
products, that we sell.
By practising Teqio (a traditional way of collective labour) and Treque (a traditional way of bartering) we get in contact with many people in and around the city and are able to gather new experiences and spread our knowlege.
Furthermore we preserve the wetlands of Xochimilco, Mexico City‘s largest nature sanctuary wich is listed by the UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage. Xochimilco is worldwide known for it‘s „swimming gardens“, mud covered and planted rafts – the chinampas.


Solarpanel für den Gemeinschaftsgarten
Construction of a community garden project with local people on a roof in San Lorenzo Tezonco, Mexico City D.F.