Tierramor english

[…] the longer a way is, the more important it seems, to start walking it resolutely.



Country, City: Mexico, Erongarícuaro

Region: Michoacán

Since: 1999

Goals: Our major goal is to teach others what we‘ve learned and to learn from others.

Offers: Courses, workshops, consulting services (on demand; in Mexico), volunteer


Gemeinschaftszentrum mit dem Garten
Community center with the garden – “zone1” and “zone2”

What we do:

TIERRAMOR is a family initiative supporting a sustainable humane developement and
the spreading of permaculture. We are looking for new ways of sustainable living under ecological, social, emotional and spiritual aspects. We search for and support solutions to face these holistic challanges.

Our prior activities are Natural building or „Bio Construction“ with natural and recycling materials such as:

(1) Renewable energies like solar power, wind power and geothermal energy.

(2) On-site water management systems, for example rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling (reprocessing of sewages from kitchen or bathroom), permaculture are of paramount importance.


The compost toilet in the garden.