Guédé Chantier english

No man can possess his own mother and no one can make earth his property.


Country, City: Senegal, Guédé Chantier

Region: Médina Fresbé

Since: 2002

Goals: We want to reduce the waste production by 25% within the next 10 years; Development of sustainable waste economy in Guédé Chantier and neightbour regions; Sanitation of old buildings and expansion to an environment center.

Offers: Volunteer, via request.


Kinder und Erwachsene entfernen Plastikmüll
Many children take part in the school event against plastic.

What we do:

The about 7.000 habitants of Guédé Chantier are living spread over six districs, all of whom having a youth and a women council.

Our CHANTIER COMMUNITY was found to improve the living conditions, which were degraded through the colonial politics.

In the GENETIC RESOURCE CENTER officinal plants and different tree species are cultivated. Workshops on techniques of composting and chemical free pest control are held and over the seedbank we contribute cost-free seeds to local farmers.

Other projects of Guédé Chantier Eco Community are a fish farm, a computer center, a community library, the expansion of the intermediate school, the production of cooking gas, an environmental center and a radiostation.

Garten hinter dem Genetic Resource Center
Behind the Genetic Resource Center there is the large garden for plant propagation and seed multiplication.