Ghana Permaculture Institute english

„Waste less, share more!“

Land, City: Ghana, Techiman

Region: Brong-Ahafo

Since: 2008

Goals: Expansion of the institute to host and teach more people.

Offers: Workshops, courses, volunteer, contributing Moringa soap.

Baumschule des GPI
There are more than 20.000 plants in the tree nursery.

What we do:

Main issues in Ghana are poverty, migration into cities, no access to education in the field of sustainable society developement, ecological destruction which leads to degregation of fertile grounds.

To deal with these problems and to spread the knowlege about sustainable solutions with methods of permaculture, the GHANA PERMACULTURE INSTITUTE (GPI) conducts different projects in Techiman and other regions in Ghana.

With a microloan scheme we are offering women the opportunity to realize own projects.
Aside that we hold workshops in healthy nourishment, business management, home gardening and on other topics while introducing people to permaculture principles. We contribute seeds and other materials.

We made good experiences with the production of moringa soap, mushroom cultivation, ecological cacao farming, tree nurseries and agro forestry/alley-cropping.


Lagerraum der Baumschule
Storage room for substrate container with mushroom spore.