Ndanifor Permaculture Eco Village english

Permaculture the African Way



Country, City: Cameroon, Bafut

Region: Bamenda, Mezam division

Since: 1996

Goals: Our goal is to generate observation baseline maps from accurate land-survey to plan future developments, housing, animals, biogas-plants and the discovery of walking paths.

Offers : Courses in sustainable farming and natural building as well as Workshops and permaculture design courses, Volunteers


Zwei Personen arbeiten auf dem Permakulturfeld
Work in process on the permaculture show field


What we do:

Our vision is to support sustainable growth and development of the region to get a balanced relationship between farmland, housing and commercial areas.
We are a Permaculture Demonstration Site and Center for environmental education and sustainable food production.

On our Land, we organically grow food crops and have products made from our produce, this include planting of native tree species, composing for soil fertility, inter-croping and water catchment protection.

We are training and feeding orphans of God is Great Orphanage and members of the Better World Cooperative Society. One of our fundamental efforts has been to build up stable humus in the soil through composing, which has produced high yields of nutritious, high quality food.
With the acquirement of another three acres of adjacent land on the east edge, we will be able to farm more and construct the Learnig Centre and Eco-lodge. Workshops and permaculture courses will be hosted here as well as international summer work camps. We are welcoming „Weltwärts“ volunteers from Germany and also welcome the Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) for the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) in 2016 to our site.


Garten und Haus des Projektes
Entrance of the project location in the evening light.