Bizung School of Music and Dance english

Playing for Change

Country, City: Ghana, Tamala

Region: Dagbon Kingdom (northern Ghana)

Since: 2010

Goals: We want to double the number of students we serve by initiating new programs in schools across the globe and to connect the world through Music.

Offers: Courses in Drumming, dance, xylophone, gonje und Vocals. Additionally is the developed urban gardening course.


Mehrere Menschen tanzen zu Trommelmusik
Dance and music courses at the Bizung school.


What we do:

Our vision is to create positive change through music and arts education.
We are a part of the global „playing for change“ movement engaged in community development and empowerment throughout the regions and beyond.

We offer music and dance classes that are rooted in the traditional style of Northern Ghana. Our Projects also help meet essential needs of the larger community. This include the provision of aid such as food, clean water, medicine, clothes, books, school supplies, solar energy, computers, and other modern technology.
Over 15,000 people have been impacted by the Foundation’s community development and empowerment efforts throughout our program regions and beyond.

And critically important to children, particularly those who are vulnerable due to poverty, conflict, drugs, and neglect, is that learning music increases self-esteem and fosters resilience and joy.
Our major challenge is Transportation for students living far away, as well as those living in the region. Building materials.


Zwei Menschen arbeiten im Bio-Garten
2015: We are happy to have our own organic garden.