Nawaya english

Plant the seed of true sustainability!


Land, City: Egypt, Kairo

Region: Cairo

Since: January 2011

Goals: “Our vision is the co-creation of independent, rich and resistant egyptian societies.”


Workshop zu effektiven Mikroorganismen
Workshop for effective microorganism – under the table there is Nawayas first green product: Bokashi Kit for compost

What we do

We are a team of young professionals, inspired by the Revolution to collaborate with
partners as diverse as the challenges faced by rural Egypt. We are proponents of sustainable agriculture as the core driver for productive communities that flourish from the bottom-up.
Our initiative, “Nawaya”, recognizes the need for development goals that are pro-poor and promote social and environmental justice.

Our main goal is to train people from rural regions in resilient, sustainable agriculture,
step by step.

1. The locals are involved in the design, creation and organisation.
2. Train and advice.
3. Collaborative realization


Bau eines Rocket Stove
The participants build a “rocket stove” under instruction, a very efficiant replacement for a stove.

Uganda Youth Skills Training Project english

Children and youth are the future


Country, City: Uganda, Kampala

Region: Kampala

Since 2007

Goals: we contribute to the development of young people’s life through community-based education in order to obtain sustainable skills in Uganda Offers: Workshop, work camps, capacity building, counselling, procuring and distributing materials, Monitoring, evaluation and volunteering.


Jugendlicher arbeitet an einem Laptop
Computer course in the community center

What we do:

A lot of efforts and calories are wasted because children are involved in labour force especially at the domestic level. Immunity among the children is also becoming weaker due to daily out break of diseases and lack of food nutrients. Indeed, children need vegetables to have vitamins and study well while in class.
Furthermore, lack of vocational training services has the devastating potential to create a severe of economic impacts. Young people have struggled with life and lacked direction during their productive years which has contributed greatly in affecting the development and economic out-put of the country. Therefore, we organize workcamps to address such challenges. We are here with a vegetable planting work camp for our partner school in Wakiso district.
We focus on the empowerment of both in and out of school youths with vocational skills. We also do our best to keep them out of current dangers such as HIV/AIDS and early pregnancy. Breaking the York of vulnerability and having good working environment, enable them to obtain a successfully and desirable life, and more globally, to eradicate poverty in Uganda.

For that, we need:
– To equip the youth with vocational and technical skills
– To contribute towards environmental conservation and management
– To provide financial and moral support to vulnerable youths.

Jugendliche zeigen ihre Plakate zum Klimatag
Workshop with teenagers during the climate day.

Badilisha english

Think global, act local!

Land, City: Kenia, Kisumu

Region: Rusinga Island

Since: 2008

Goals: Our vision is, that all humans should work together to preserve this planet and respect the generally needs of each other.

Offers: Workshops, seminars, volunteer.


Bewässerungsanlage mit PET-Flaschen
It is possible to build an irrigation system with simple elements. UV radiation penetrates through PET and kills germs.


What we do:

We try to meet the challenges that rusinga island is facing and to promote the success of the Millenium-Goals. Rusinga Island ist confronted with general problems that get aggravated by climate change or global disparity.

Poverty, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, weak education and analphabetism, domestic violence, drought, infections like malaria, malnutrition, deforestation, land degregation, collaps of fish stocks are major challenges.

Our prior activities include among other things communty building, food provision for orphans, tutoring, permaculture, sanitary installations, reforesting and volunteering programs. But also donations and partnerships for orphans, schoolarships and other support prospects are also welcomed.

Gemeinschaftsarbeit auf dem Feld
Community work in Badilisha


[…] aber je länger ein Weg ist, desto wichtiger scheint es mir zu sein, entschlossen drauflos zu marschieren

Land, Stadt: Mexiko, Erongarícuaro

Region: Michoacán

Seit: 1999

Ziele: Unser Anliegen ist es, gelerntes Wissen zu unterrichten und von anderen zu lernen.

Angebote: Kurse, Workshops, Beratungen in Mexiko, Volontariat

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Guédé Chantier

Niemand kann seine Mutter besitzen, keiner kann die Erde zu seinem Eigentum machen.


Land, Stadt: Senegal, Guédé Chantier

Region: Médina Fresbé

Seit: 2002

Ziele: Wir möchten die Abfallproduktion in den nächsten 10 Jahren um 25% senken und alte Gebäude mit Sanitäranlagen ausstatten.

Angebote: Volontariat, weiteres auf Anfrage.

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Wir müssen der Wandel sein, den wir uns für die Welt wünschen.

Land, Stadt: Thailand, Mae Taeng

Region: Chiang Mai

Seit: 2006

Ziele: Wir möchten Neues lernen und Wissen über permakulturelle (Lebens-) Gestaltung teilen

Angebote: Volontariat, Kurse zu nachhaltigem Bauen, Workshops, Permakulturkurse

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